Introducing November’s Play Praise Reward Winners

Each month, PPR celebrates our company values by acknowledging and rewarding team members through our employee game – Play Praise Reward.  Each employee receives 100 points which they can allocate to team member’s that are demonstrating our values.

This November we’re excited to announce our three winners. Congratulations to Nathan, Charlotte and Eli on being recognised by their peers for their wonderful contribution to PPR!



“It’s great to work in a team like PPR where celebrating each other’s positive contributions are encouraged and highlighted. By highlighting individual achievements, it helps us to excel as a team.”

Nathan Manning
PR Assistant

“I am so fortunate to be able to work for a company that celebrates its employees. It’s so great to be recognised for excellence in collaborating with your team and to be respected for the ideas and skills you display everyday. “

Charlotte Benhiam-Cusack

“PPR has the best talent in the industry, which is why it’s extremely humbling to be officially recognised and rewarded for my work. Looking forward to a big 2019 with the team!”

Eli Grynberg
Senior Strategist – Content