How We Do It

PPR’s Community Marketing Approach

Consumers and the communities they live, work and play in have many layers to their personality. Their loves, passions, fears and motivations are complex and ever changing.

As a result, the relationships they expect with brands are much like the those with their loved ones. They need to be based on shared values, such as trust, integrity and authenticity.

If a brand is going to be able to build such a relationship, what motivates people is crucial. PPR is driven by wanting to understand what motivates people (for those that love a theory we base our approach on Self Determination). In the long run, that’s what we want to do – motivate people to think and act differently.

We do this using community-led marketing – an approach that requires a deep understanding of the target audience so that we and our clients can join in their conversation, rather than simply speaking at them.

Rather than replacing traditional forms of marketing, we’re adding another dimension by positioning our clients’ messages in the community through the entire life cycle of the customer journey.

Partnering with PPR helps brands to build a communications strategy and framework based on a community-led approach to planning.

To find out more about PPR’s unique community led planning approach speak to PPR’s CEO
Pamela Klioufis
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