Our Communities

Our ability to reach communities is broad but our specialist knowledge of communities is also far reaching. We’ve got experts in a wide range of interest or professional-based communities who understand your business and know the drivers and barriers that will motivate your customers to think, act or purchase in a particular way.

City Slickers

Once seen as a world of power suits, expense accounts and golf course deals, today’s corporates walk to a different stride. They think globally, connect locally and operate digitally (sometimes they also get to play a round of golf or two on weekends!). There are key points, however, that remain as true today as they did decades ago… organisations still need to build their reputations based on trust and long-term commitment, while closely bonding with - and understanding - the communities that matter to them.

Experience Enthusiasts

We are always exploring our communities in search of new experiences and entertainment. Festivals, events, and expos make up the core of our social calendars, whether we are producing, working at or attending them. We’re passionate about bringing brands to life, providing engaging, sociable and media worthy moments, providing an opportunity to interact directly with captive audiences. Whether it's a bespoke event, product launch, sponsorship activation or trade show – we’ll create the perfect experiential moment for your brand. 


Devoted followers of style, our fashionistas are always on the forefront of new trends and industry news. They’re in the know, with relationships around Australia with the ‘who’s who’ in the style industry. Armed with a little black book of influencers, designers, celebrities, and journalists, our style set can be found wandering through a local furniture design fair, directing a street style campaign or sipping champagne at the latest opening around town. When it comes to style, we’re one step ahead of the trends (in the latest Gucci shoes, of course). 


Food is more Instagrammed than Beyonce. And 
mouth-feel is the new rock ‘n’ roll. Not only do the brands we work with give great mouth-feel to their products, they’re also aware consumers want to know the story behind the food.  We call it field-to-plate provenance.  Like the fact it took seven years to find the perfect strawberries for Haagen Dazs’ Strawberries and Cream ice-cream. Or that Nando’s is hell-bent on bringing the flame grilled deliciousness of their PeriPeri chicken to Kiwis everywhere, while also on a mission globally to eliminate malaria. We help tell those stories.

Gamers and Tech

It's no secret that the gaming, consumer and B2B tech industries are rapidly expanding. We believe the only way to stay ahead is to adapt, evolve and grow with it. That’s why we play games, love our gadgets and endeavour to keep the finger on the pulse with news relating to cyber security, artificial intelligence and the cloud. Gamers and techies have a desire for the latest and greatest experiences. We strive to deliver on this, no matter what the platform.

Globe Trotters

We are travel enthusiasts who know the business of travel, inside and out. We help brands to become a trusted provider for today’s super savvy traveler who wants to create more meaningful, off-the-radar experiences, while still managing to capture the perfect travel selfie.

Pet Parents

For many of us, our furry, feathered and finned friends are more than just companions, they are family. We know the real pet influencers out there, and how to engage with their humans on social and through earned media – when it comes to pets, we’re the cat’s pyjamas.

Play Praise Reward

Retail Therapists

Those who take pleasure in the physical act of picking up a bargain or splurging on the latest and greatest to be found on supermarket or store shelves. Those who have enjoyed that smug shopper feeling that can only come from nabbing designer beauty at High Street prices. Those who call Zara their spiritual home. We are forever searching the aisles, in-store and online for what’s next, and forever spreading the retail cheer all year round. We shop. Because shopping is life. Buying for our baes, our family, our friends, our pets, strangers, and ourselves.

The Explorers

Whether you are exploring for mineral resources, developing a project, or supplying services to the resources sector – PPR gets you. And we also know that Australia’s wealth depends in no small part on what you do.  Communicating your story effectively to multiple stakeholders is vital. It helps you connect with investors, build your reputation with customers and secure community support for your endeavours.