RTX 2018: Bringing Gaming Experiences to Life

For the first time, Alienware and Dell Gaming had a presence at RTX Sydney - a massive two-day gaming and internet culture event hosted by Rooster Teeth, the USA Entertainment Company. The challenge was to engage with the gaming community through fun activities at the booth.
Community Insight
The gaming community has expanded over the years – it’s no longer a teenager sitting in the basement trying to battle zombies. Gamers of today are parents, the guy at the gym and mothers. So the stand needed to have games that people enjoyed as they played on Alienware and Dell machines.
PPR designed an immersive brand activation to showcase Alienware and Dell Gaming PCs, the new peripherals range, a mixed reality experience. We ran two PUBG tournaments, a sign-up to win competition, directed an engaging centre stage content segment where participants got to experience Dell’s mixed reality headset with a chance to take home their very own machine.
Over 11,000 attendees visited the Alienware booth over two days; our centre stage content segment received over 29,000 views on twitch; Alienware’s Twitter channel received 178,340 impressions organically across the weekend alone; 10 members of the media showed up to our stand to participate in the PUBG tournament.