Global Hunger Food Fight with Subway

Launch inaugural Subway “Live Feed” charity event – a global campaign to fight hunger relief.
Community Insight
Forge a relevant local connection between customers and their local stores to drive participation.
Multi-faceted campaign covering local area marketing toolkits for franchisees, national and 20 state-based influencers, 4 week media relations program, sourcing and securing Foodbank and KiwiHarvest partnership. The campaign was part of a 60 nation event that took place within the same 24 hour period, starting in NZ and Australia and working around the world
  • 13 million meals donated globally (300,000 in Australia)
  • Highly engaged franchisee community
  • 2nd and 1st busiest day in Aus/NZ in Subway history respectively
  • Most successful markets (ratio of meals per capita) globally