Alienware: Launching Gaming Hardware at PAX

Alienware has been attending PAX AUS (Australia’s largest gaming and esports expo) since its inception in 2013, and the challenge each year for PPR is to step it up a little higher, adding new elements and experiences to the activation. In 2017, the challenge was to introduce the new addition to the Dell suite for high performance hardware, Dell Gaming, whilst bringing a fresh perspective to the Alienware premium products.
Community Insight
Participation in previous shows had shown what worked and drew crowds. Live on stand activities and an online engagement was a priority. PPR proposed a plan that utilised visiting spokespeople and local talent to engage fans from the show floor to their mobile devices and across the world.
To keep fans coming back to the stand, a constant stream of activity was planned with regular product demonstrations, giveaways, interviews with influencers, popular video games on the Alienware & Dell Gaming units. The Alienware side of stand featured 22 PCs, the new peripherals range, a mixed reality experience, a live broadcast stage for Alienware.TV, and this year we partnered with Activision’s Destiny 2, featuring a 4x4 set up, an exclusive on the show floor. The Dell Gaming side of the stand showcased eight PCs and two Dell Visor headsets. We ran a number of competitions, giving people the chance to win tickets to PAX, some amazing Alienware gear, or our branded back packs and drink bottles.
This year PAX AUS had 43,000 + attendees. Alienware.TV streamed 22 hours of live coverage with 13k Unique Viewers