2K NBA 2K19: Night with Ben Simmons

Leveraging A-list talent to maximise mainstream awareness of NBA 2K19.
Community Insight
2K Games faces the challenge each year of increasing buzz around the release of it’s annual title, NBA 2K, and expanding it’s audience year-on-year in pursuit of becoming the top video game sports title in Australia and New Zealand.
PPR worked with 2K to secure Australian NBA player and Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons as the cover star of NBA 2K19. To leverage our limited time with talent and gain maximum multi-platform coverage, PPR organised and hosted an exclusive event at a bespoke NBA merch store, where Ben Simmons made a special guest appearance before kicking off back to back interviews with top-tier media across broadcast, print and online. Guests were also given a world-first chance to play a beta version of NBA 2K19, in anticipation for game launch a few weeks later.
The event was attended by 150 top-tier media and a mix of sporting and lifestyle influencers. NBA 2K19 was featured across outlets including Seven News, 9News, Fox Sports, Sky News, news.com.au, and PedestrianTV, with the combined audience size exceeding 61 million, which covered print, broadcast, online and social.