The Digitally Influenced Shopper

This multi-channel customer and digitally influenced shopper means retailers need to converge experiences and bring the best of online into the store. Research shows us that the majority of consumers still value an in-store experience, but we also know that branded content passed through push notifications to customers make them 7.5 times more likely to seek out that product in store, 24% of consumers check product prices on their smartphone while shopping, and shoppers who receive location-based beacon messages were 19 times more likely to interact with the advertised product than those who don’t receive it.

So how can you take these challenges and make real changes in your organisation? This type of change requires shopper empowerment, staff empowerment, building trust between you and the customer, curating an experience, creating more ways to shop and pay, and rewarding loyalty.

At PPR, we take these challenges and work with organisations to create lasting change. Our experience in retail has taught us that change has some fundamental truths. Change requires credibility. Remember your customers are looking to their social networking peers for credible reviews of products and services, how can you build your authenticity and credibility with a jaded group? The first step is to ensure everything you do is honest and authentic to your brand, and that you leverage advocates and alliances to embed these concepts further. We also believe in the power of partners and networks to bring connections and experiences to life. And importantly, a sense of purpose behind everything you do. If you create an environment around these aspects, and carefully foster it and evaluate it for regular improvements, you’re well on your way to a successful journey of change.